Experienced Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Channel & Energy Healer.


Since my earliest memories I have felt a longing to merge with an energy that had no bounds. It has been over 20 years of committed exploration and I aim to continue to my dying breath. I set out not to be a teacher, channel or healer; I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be in the place that I find myself in now. However, I have learned to expect the unexpected and enjoy the things that destiny has to offer.

My life is ‘bookmarked’ by peak experiences, each one shaping it’s trajectory. As I followed the path forged by these awakenings, I have increasingly felt more certain and in the flow. I dropped old patterns to embrace a completely new perspective for living.

I became the teacher when the ‘cup over spilled’; I did not see it coming and when it did, I can only describe it as bliss and a deep knowing in my soul that a new chapter of life was to begin.

Channelling was even more of a surprise; I developed powerful gifts of clairsentience and more profoundly the ability to initiate spiritual awakenings in others through channelled activations.

As each transformation occurred I learned to embrace it. It was more real to me than following the formulaic structures of modern life. Now I live with an aliveness of spirit and determination to deliver my destiny .

My commitment is to be both ‘Guide’ and and ‘Stone Mason”.

Laying the foundations of teachings and community for the generations to come. My Vision is one of an expansive humanity that flows with the life blood of Source. Path to Source is the manifest creation of this vision.

Sivaroshan is an experienced Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Channel & Energy Healer. He has trained with some of the finest Teachers and Healers in the world and is now a Trainer of Yoga Teachers and Healers himself.

He is the Co-founder of Path to Source a visionary college of spiritual teaching.

He is located in London & Glastonbury. When in London he teaches at Triyoga, The Light Centre & Total Chi. In Glastonbury he holds the space for powerful trainings and teachings with the Co-founders of Path to Source.

Path to Source

I am one of the founders of Path to Source; a spiritual college; seeded by powerful synchronicity. It has lead to a deeply humbling, letting go of ownership; to heed a call to synthesize an offering stronger than the sum of its parts.

Things don’t happen by accident; each of the founders traveled a diverse and determined road of spiritual awakening all to arrive at the same place at the same time! Like 4 Boats arriving at Avalon to plant a seed. 4 people, 4 elements, 4 paths……. one cafe!

Path to Source is like a sacred landscape. Each contour of the land offers a learning and an opportunity to awaken. Each Vista shows an aspect of the divine along with teachings that lead you into a deeper understanding of your own essence. To master requires you to travel, to see life from new vistas and perspectives; but the path of mastery requires more than a tourists fascination. It is to see the connecting parts, the transitions, the thread that links experience to experience. In mastering the landscape you master you.

Path to Source offers deeply transformative courses, mentorship and community. Our Offering encompasses Yoga, Druidry, Healing and more. There are levels for all. We create anchor points for perpetual learning and work in harmony with the changing cycles of the land and planet.

You can deliver yourself as a yoga teacher, Druid, and Healer….. firm in the knowingness that you are a brother/sister of the arts. Yogi and Priestess walk side by side, Healer and Druid sit together, why not in our increasingly global world.