“Open the door to the unknown by giving the permission for spontaneous being, we are so regimented that we often do not give the endless possibilities on offer a chance.”

– Sivaroshan Sahathevan



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Masters Around a Fire

As the masters sit around the fire, their hearts vibrate with the various manifestations of source -consciousness, flavoured by their lives and initiations. They are gathered to celebrate and enjoy each others company, and to offer themselves in service to the ever...

The Yogi

The universe wants you to win and it is in my experience that the world brings you the experiences that you are ready for…’Where and how did your yoga practice begin? I guess at some level I have always been a yogi, it’s just that I did not know it at the time. I...

The Journey

Joining up the dots of our awakening experiences is a challenge (see article Source). Such moments have no reference; so how to consolidate in our world full of references. We can feel isolated and alone, unable to share the changes that are happening inside of us. It...

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