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Kundalini Yoga

What does it do for you?

Kundalini yoga is a complete tool kit to live in the modern world. It provides techniques to increase vitality, energy and health, along with methodologies to unlock your potential. Finding your internal ‘Strength & Balance’ is crucial to achieving the steadiness and courage to maintain happiness in everyday life. However, this can be tricky, especially in busy cities like London. Practicing Kundalini Yoga works by helping you remain dynamic, enthusiastic and calm, even in the most challenging and confrontational environments.

How does it work?

Kundalini yoga uses ‘kriyas’ (sequenced yoga postures, breathing techniques and mantras) to strengthen the mind, body and spirit. There are thousands of kriyas available in Kundalini Yoga, with each one tailored to achieve a specific outcome. Kundalini Yoga also uses many meditation techniques that can bring clarity, contentment and increased happiness to the practitioner.

Kundalini Yoga’s history?

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient form of yoga that was taught secretly in India to a select few for thousands of years. Yogi Bhajan brought it to the west in the late 1960’s and made it open to all.

What can you expect from a class?

Classes cater for all ranges of ability, with beginners made very welcome. You don’t need to be flexible to enjoy a yoga class as the most important thing is to be open to learn and give your best. We begin a class by ‘tuning in’ with a mantra which creates a positive intention and focus for the practice. We will do some warm up exercises followed by yoga, a relaxation and finally a short meditation. You just need to wear something comfortable and nonrestrictive. Yoga mats, blankets etc. are provided.

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Masters & Angels

Masters & Angels – group classes are a fantastic way to experience the power of healing as-well as learning about the higher realms. The classes are interactive, with beginners made to feel especially welcome. It’s a great way to get acquainted with this type of work, make friends and talk openly to people about your experiences in this field. The group classes happen in London & also available Via Live Zoom

The classes takes the form of a guided meditation using energy transmissions from the ascended masters and angels. This energy helps us realise our inner light and power, helping us to let go of blocks that stop us moving forward in life. The energy is normally received while lying down (there are mats, blankets, cushions etc) or equally you can sit in meditation pose or on a chair.

The transmission effects everybody differently, there is no right or wrong, your experience is valuable whatever it is! Most people report feeling relaxed, greater clarity on an issue or felt something lift from them, it can be very physical while others may feel nothing. The key is to surrender and allow the experience to unfold. At the end we have chance to integrate our experiences and you may share your experience with the group if you wish.

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Private Consultation

A consultation with a healer is a co-creation. A beacon is lit that stirs the Soul. Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels also hear the call.

The healing starts with your commitment, its depth, a combination of grace, courage and Karma. As a healer my job is to hold the space for your transformation; I have learned over the years to develop a strong and powerful channel, for the healing of your physical and energetic body.

The process is highly unique in each case, but what tends to happens is that the treatment space becomes like a bubble or portal that has been attuned to your Soul intention, the beacon I speak of is like the energy of a projective prayer directed to ‘Source’. The prayer is heard and in response waves of high vibrational frequencies of light are returned. Most of us are not ready to receive the energy of ‘Source’ directly; instead it is stepped down through beings of light in forms that we may find more accessible.

The degree to which you may feel what is going on depends on your receptivity and your predisposition. Some may feel or see nothing yet the energy is working perfectly well beneath the layers of your sensitive field*. Those who happen to feel in this realm, may receive confirmations of the healing through sensations in the body, seeing colours images etc.
*our sensitive field can be developed, I have had clients who start by feeling little but then transition to feeling and seeing much. At other times those that feel much may start to feel less. It is just the way it is. The best way to receive with this work is to release expectation and allow what needs to happen to happen.

The space generated is high frequency, as we have to step up our frequency to reach the Angelic and Ascended Master Realms; likewise they are stepping down to reach us. As we meet information and guidance can be received from these amazing beings of light that we are working with.

The process is best described as etheric. The channel of energy opened allows for the release of stuck energy patterns that are resting in the clients body or energy field. I open this field in a way that allows for a powerful yet safe release of the old. The energies that come through reveal themselves in the moment; a co creation of your inner intent and the inner guidance of the therapist creates a clarity for what will be released. Energies can only be described really as having an intelligence they know were they need to go; the body is innocence and reveals its pain. Our bodies and aura are multi-dimensional and layered. The blocks maybe held in our DNA its source generations back, past lives. It can sometimes feel like a surgery as we take off one layer we see others that are related, hidden by the one above. So it continues we release layer by layer.

The outcome is also unique. Sometime dramatic shifts happen and with the blocks gone life transform both in your internal world and your external world.

I use the art of Numerology to tease open the layers around an issue or area of concern, by revealing deeper essence of you. Our day of birth is a very significant event. The numbers of your day of birth hold a blue print to your life journey (strengths, challenges and pathways). When these are revealed (especially for the first time) the issue we think we have can often change. Its cloak if you like is removed and one can see the situation through a different lens. The ego’s sense of wanting to know all is challenged; there is way in for a new beginning.

A little about how the numbers are read:

  • Soul Number – How you feel inside about yourself, The key to peace in your Soul.
  • Karma Number – How the External world impacts you. Lessons of life / Outer Dimension.
  • Destiny Number – What you have Achieved in past lives. What you fall back on. Seen in you.
  • Gift Number – A grace a strength that you already have and don’t need to develop. But you need to realise it!
  • Path Number – The path of dharma/ action that will fulfil your soul.
    The Numerology reading releases the ego’s hold and need for certainty; it is the ideal preparation to let go into a channelled energy healing with Angels and Ascended Beings of light.

“The numerology work with Sivaroshan helped clarify many things in my life: my focus, potential, natural tendencies. He gave me some practical steps to move forward with which are proving to be really useful. The energy healing left me feeling light, free and joyful. It was such an efficient way to release grief that I’d been carrying for a really long time. It helped me reach a new level of loving myself and others.” Georgina

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