What Others Say…

“Sivaroshan is a dedicated, brave and inspirational kundalini yoga teacher. His devotion and wisdom inspired me to become a Kundalini teacher myself. An enlightening inner journey which has changed my life.”


“This intimate gathering provides the perfect environment for personal growth. Guided by Sivaroshan and supported by the whole group, I feel safe and open to my feelings and the feelings of those around me. It’s very beautiful. The classes are relaxing and very deep, as Sivaroshan knows how to feel the group’s energy, taking it where it needs to go. In this group, everyone matters and all of us benefit equally.”


“Sivaroshan's healing was exactly what I needed, I was feeling exhausted physically and emotionally and not quite sure why. After Sivaroshan's session, I felt so much better, a massive difference, much more whole, grounded and at ease in my body, more clarity in my mind and I could breath so much deeper.”