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Energy Healing

A consultation with a healer is a co-creation. The initial exchange connects healer and client, and lights a beacon that stirs the soul.

The healing itself begins with the depth of your own commitment, and a combination of grace, courage, and karma. As a healer, my job is to hold the space open to allow for your transformation to take place. I have learned over the years to develop a strong and powerful channel for the healing of your physical – and energetic – body.

The healing process is best described as “etheric”. The channel of energy opened allows for the release of “stuck” energy patterns that are resting in the body or energy field. I open this field in a way that allows for a powerful yet safe release of the old. The energies themselves can be described as having an “intelligence” of sorts… as with all patterns, they “know” where to go!

Whilst the process of receiving healing energy is unique to each individual, what tends to happen is that the treatment space becomes “bubble-like” – attuned to your soul intention. As the blocks within their physical bodies release, clients can feel releases of energy, experience mental visualisations of past events, or simply achieve an emotionally relaxed state.

There is no “right” or “wrong” – the experience is yours.


I use the art of numerology to tease open the layers around an issue or an area of concern, by revealing the deeper essence of you.

The day of our birth is a very significant event. The numbers inherit to your birth day hold a blueprint for your life journey (strengths, challenges, and pathways). When these are revealed (especially for the first time), the issues we think we face can often change – the “cloak” is removed, and one can see the situation through a different lens. The ego’s sense of wanting to know all is challenged, and a way in for a new beginning emerges.

I have found the combination of numerology and energy healing to be a powerful and effective way to transform lives. The numerology provides invaluable insights, and helps solidify the anchoring intention for the healing to be as effective as it can be.

◆     ◆     ◆

“The numerology work with Sivaroshan helped clarify many things in my life: my focus, potential, natural tendencies. He gave me some practical steps to move forward with which are proving to be really useful.

The energy healing left me feeling light, free and joyful. It was such an efficient way to release grief that I’d been carrying for a really long time. It helped me reach a new level of loving myself and others.”

– Georgina


See below for some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Private Sessions.
What do I wear?
The healing component of the session is conducted lying down, fully clothed, on a treatment table. Comfortable clothing is recommended.
Do I need to prepare?
Some clients come knowing exactly what they wish to work on (but this can change during the session). Equally, many clients come not really knowing why. Both are fine. I work intuitively in the moment, so really it does not matter too much. All I suggest is that you do what feels right for you.
Do I need to come to more than one session?
Every case is different. Sometimes one healing session will suffice, and sometimes a series is best. Normally, the first session will reveal what the best next course of action is.

I often give home practices that will support you with your particular issue. The majority of the time I will give you a guideline of 2-3 weeks to decide if you wish to have a follow-up.

What should I do after an energy healing session?
Whenever possible, please give time to relax after a session. The energies will still be working, so a period of time to allow for integration is advisable.

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