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As the restrictions across the country begin to ease, many of the studios from which I host classes are now open for business. However, many of these are still offering an online option in addition to their studio offerings – a way for those who may not yet feel comfortable attending class in-person to virtually participate in studio classes.

Please book via the calendar below. Depending on the class selected, payment is taken either via PayPal (in which case I shall send the access details via email 30–60 mins before the class begins) or via the studio’s own booking system.

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All class times are displayed in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

To find out when a class takes place in your region, simply look up the class time in the schedule, and use the converter below to perform the calculation.

World Clock
World Clock

“As someone who has done Hatha yoga for many years (at a very basic level) I was curious to try out Kundalini yoga. It was a revelation to me, particularly in terms of the immediate energising effects I felt.

I’ve been doing classes with Sivaroshan for several months now, and continue to enjoy them very much. He has an engaging and responsive teaching style, and obviously knows his stuff. I’d urge anyone who might be curious to give one of his classes a try and see what it’s about.”

– Michael (Kundalini Yoga)

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