Cultivating Authentic Community

I host a range of events, from community-based connection circles to vibrational awakening retreats in Glastonbury.

Community events are about creating the foundation for sustainable spiritual growth (we can’t do it alone), whilst retreats and activation trainings provide the peak experiences we need to believe. Together, these getaways from the default world present an enormously effective combination.

“The Way of the Heart is a two day course involving atunements with Masters and Angels. Taking the course contributed to a real change in my life. Through accessing this new “dimension” it is a part of me that was always there but maybe has been

revealed by this powerful time. The experience was highly healing for me and it truly made me understand what ” Love” is. I now walk my path keeping this intention of “being my heart”: trying to look at myself and the world without judgement, with openness and compassion. It’s a practice, of course, but I know that is what I am aiming for. I am very grateful and can only recommend this workshop.”

– Julie

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