How to make sense of that ‘inner calling’ that seems so abstract? How to figure out that first next step?

The thing that makes the most sense to me in my life is the pursuit of truth. What I mean by “truth” can be expressed in many different ways. Some may call it love, joy, or wisdom. For me, “truth” feels appropriate, as much of our pain comes from its absence in our lives.

We can often seem to take life trajectories that end up in dissatisfaction or pain – yet when we find ourselves in such a place, we are often in fertile ground. The Soul awakens from its slumber, and we become more likely to initiate a “shift” aligned to our deepest truth: LOVE.

◆     ◆     ◆

My offerings are all aimed at supporting this awakening. Yet our resistance is often very strong and clever, and as such it can be helpful to have an array of tools that can be used for the job.

Kundalini Yoga Classes – Build the energy body, character and determination to follow-up and pursue our awakening opportunities.

Energy Healing – Opens the door to release the old so the new can flourish while also helping us to build an energy landscape by which to understand the greater part of us.

Events and Trainings – Significantly accelerate our soul growth while providing opportunities for deepening of soul friendships and community which are vital on the path of awakening.

“Being in Sivaroshan’s presence feels calm, uplifting and inspiring. If you want to learn how to reconnect to peace and rebalance your mind, body and spirit, he’s your man!”

– Jayne

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