Path to Source


Path to Source Is Where We Stand

Path to Source is a space and place for creation in its purest form. Purity is what we need, for the simple and most intimate goal of being happy.

The epicentre for Path to Source is the ancient town of Glastonbury (the Heart Centre of the World), in Somerset. It is, at its core, a collective – seeded on the need to ‘Walk our Walk’, and become the change that we wish to see on the planet.

Glastonbury is a sacred landscape. Each contour of the land offers a learning and an opportunity to awaken. Each Vista shows an aspect of the divine, along with teachings that lead us into a deeper understanding of our own essence.

The Path to Source collective offers transformative courses, mentorship, and community themed workshops. Our core offering encompasses Yoga and Healing, but there are also great guest courses – all of which are seeded by our intention to awaken and deepen our connection to source.

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