The Healing path begins as a self initiation to heal. It is an awakening process for the soul. The Path to Source programme starts the journey, by creating the space for a vibrational awakening. By offering a 360 Degree opening to the beauty of Source in the spirit of interconnectedness across the great healing pathway traditions.

In our courses we prepare the ground through Alchemical storytelling combined with energy activations inspired by the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Essenes & Egyptian Mystery Schools. Our unwavering commitment is to Source, as we see this as the thread that connects everything we do, however, we also see the beauty of diversity, everyone has a different way in and our range of offerings across the traditions gives us this.

A Wide Range of Courses

The courses facilitate a vibrational opening to channel healing. You realise that you are more than a physical being and that through activating your energy body and learning certain techniques you can bring through powerful energy frequencies for healing yourself, physical spaces and others.

These courses are primarily awakening in their essence but energy healing is their anchor. If you wish to take this further and become a healing practitioner, we offer courses and mentoring just for this purpose. Realise Your Light & Way of the Heart can be taken Online across 6 weeks or intensive weekend courses. The remaining courses are all in person and last 3- 4 days.

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