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Joining up the dots of our awakening experiences is a challenge (see article Source). Such moments have no reference; so how to consolidate in our world full of references. We can feel isolated and alone, unable to share the changes that are happening inside of us. It can be a turbulent time; yet rest assured the universe has planned it this way. These seed experiences are both your fuel and inspiration. They give hope and like a ‘distress flare’ they show you the way, albeit fleeting.

To utilise these signs, requires foundations that will support the awakening process; there are no rules or conditions only a true commitment to explore. They are are your signposts honour them.

Spiritual life in our modern world is now a householders pursuit, the calling of the monastic or hermit traditions while having their place are no longer necessary for powerful spiritual unfoldment. What is needed is a readiness to try a new way. To confront yourself and your life and reset your trajectory.

It is not necessarily about radical change, there are no musts. Aquarian Age is creating all the required pressure, you will probably only be left with two choices: Explore the voice of your soul or fall back into a momentum not of your making or liking.

To help with your journey and the choices that you need to make I offer the following:

Cultivate Your Vibration through Innocence

This means to experience source through opening into the unknown. Through the qualities of wonder. This access is through the intangible. It is the artists way, just like poetry evokes something far removed from the words themselves.

As you subject yourself to this way of learning, very purely experiential you start to rewire neural pathways which have atrophied owing to modern teaching methods that develop knowledge, logic and certainty over Intuition, listening and creativity. Through blowing apart our historic references we can open ourselves to the wisdom offered by source in a myriad of forms.

Start to Create Your Dharma

As you are touched by the inspiration, to maintain requires practices that will support and stabilise your vibrational expansion. A leap of faith, a choice needs to be made to move in a direction of your awakening, it need not be a large step it needs to be the step that you are ready to commit to. It can manifest itself in self practice or a commitment to classes, workshops or trainings that help you support your expansion and growth. A discipline must be born. It will build stamina, power, resolve and inner confidence – walking the walk is way of this age.
Travel Together

The discovery of ones life path, or mission. Is rarely achieved in an afternoon. Rather it is a constant evolution interspersed by peak moments of deep knowingness, that strike your heart like lightning. Those moments can carry you far, but they can wear out, be mindful of resting on the laurels of such awakenings. For vigilance is needed to Captain a ship in a storm. One degree off and the rocks loom large. The trick is to travel together, sharing the weight of the challenge.

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