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If you would have asked me 20 years ago that I would be channelling the energy of powerful beings of light, I would have laughed in your face. It was not that I dismissed such, but that was just not me!

I was working within the corporate businesses in the city of London. A man just trying to get on like the rest of them. However, I always had a powerful calling to uncover the truth of the universe so my evenings were often spent exploring…

I wanted to understand more about healing energies, I had heard of them, science dismissed it but I felt a resonance so I signed up to a 10 week Chakra healing course. It was going well, I was understanding the theory, all interesting but nothing particularly profound, until one day owing to odd numbers in class, I had to partner up with the course instructor on a practical exercise.

I was blown away by the experience. I felt energy being emitted from this person, in a way that I could not simply dismiss. It lit the ‘fire’ of my curiosity and fuelled my determination to understand the experience I had.

The rest is history ,over the years I must have explored over 10 different healing methodologies with the view of reaching an almost impossible level of certainty in this field of work! It was a need to rationalise experiences that I had no reference for; nothing in my education prepared me for this world!

My practical nature needed a purpose along with a clear validation of results. It was exhausting at times but for me it was my journey, I needed a high degree of proof and I worked very hard to get it.

However, In this earnest endeavour, somewhere along the line I was changing, it was as if latent gifts were being awakened and revealed. As I look back, my determination to discover ‘the new’ pressed against the boundaries of my ignorance and limitation, my will power cutting new pathways in my ‘neural network’ and consciousness.

I remember when clairesentience became a clear and unmistaken sense. I started doing a healing on someone, when I began to feel heavy sometimes sharp sensations in my body, at first I was worried as I thought I was absorbing someones pain or hurt. But with time I realised that what I was feeling was a kind of mirror reflection of the person. It was like my body was becoming a map for understanding another person, once I got over the very physical nature of this feeling, I realised it was giving me accurate information on the conditions of the client I was working with, it enabled me to sense if a healing was working in an effective way through the sensations I felt before and after a treatment. With time I have learned to codify these sensations to mean specific things, which helps enormously in my job as a healer.

So, what is a channelling?

Those moments of magic, where somehow you have entered into the flow of your life; Into the authenticity of your expression; are more then likely moments of channeling. The capacity to channel is magnified when you are at ease, and feel in a place of mastery. It occurs often in our areas of expertise, where we are no longer trying to figure out the framework for things as we embody that which we do.

Sportsmen at the top of their game are channeling; and then something happens and they lose that masterful edge. The best sportsmen are able to locate and be in the channeling frame for longer than most.

This indicates that the capacity to channel requires a level of effort and energy to maintain. Yes it does. But like most things the more that we do so the easier it becomes. So what is happening.

The capacity to channel is the ability to open the gateway to source in such away that it overrides the function of ego. It is not necessary for the ego to be destroyed or contained its more like a new player coming into the game, who happens to be the best player in the world; there is no fight there is no ego hurt, there is just a joy and natural will to follow the brilliance of this member of the team. The capacity to channel is to recognise the new player and welcome them to the team. This can be the tricky part as for most players they are not ready to let go of the need to be number on. But eventually you get exhausted and you welcome some help…..the doorway opens.

There are many type of channel; it is quite a subjective area as it is not something measurable by science. A Channel can open the gateway to source in ways where they can open to different levels of embodiment. Some healing channels take on quite a different persona and maybe even their voice changes, they are sometimes called trance mediums as it appears as if they are somehow not there in their fullness as the light being whom they are channelling becomes very embodied. But it is important to realise that this is not necessary to become a powerful channel.

When I Channel, I open up to source with a very clear intention to receive healing and guidance for myself or others. I am still very much me, however, I start to feel very clear sensations in my body as this is my predominant gateway. It can feel like melting in nectar or I feel my chakras (energy centres) become enlivened, especially the chakra located at the back of my head where the neck connects with the base of the skull. I can also sense what I can only best describe as a kind of etheric wind. It’s as if my intuition heightens, so where I might have a kind of feeling about something, this amplifies to a deep knowingness. It is as if I drop the doubt and I deliver what comes. This can be in the words I share in a group or in a personal session. I find a very powerful way for me to channel happens through writing, it seems a natural way for me to make the bridge to the higher realms. When I am healing, I anchor all of these things with a powerful intention of wellbeing for the person or group receiving the energies.

It is important to realise that this is my way, I have been doing this for years and developed a trust and understanding about myself. As a trainer of people on this path I am forever astounded by the beauty and diversity of the healing gifts that we all possess. To become a healer is a process of awakening and responsibility, and it is not necessarily an easy path – but the rewards are priceless…

This is just the tip of the iceberg, the best way to learn and understand is through direct experience. I Offer Private Consultations, Monthly Community Channel Healing Classes Plus on trainings Online or in Person in Glastonbury / London.

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