Masters Around a Fire

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As the masters sit around the fire, their hearts vibrate with the various manifestations of source -consciousness, flavoured by their lives and initiations. They are gathered to celebrate and enjoy each others company, and to offer themselves in service to the ever continuing evolution of source. The joy for the masters is felt as a continuing exploration into source; a kind of joyous free fall. Theirs is the thrill of the skydiver with no destination. Guided by the hand the of the divine, they move through space and time. But today the masters gatherer with a new project. How can they serve humanities battle of emergence?

As they observe humanities separation; they offer transmissions of integrated oneness. A download of synthesised teachings from their time on earth. As they embodied human form once, their compassion for our plight is immense. How to move humanity forward? To live with greater tolerance. How to bring them to a point where they can see the great religions just as different gateways to the one. By their grace our progress shall accelerate.

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