An Experience of Source

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From my very earliest memories, I recall moments that I can only describe now as being ‘connected’. What I felt was emptiness, but not of the hollow kind. It was more like a vastness of pure potential energy. So powerful and beautiful; that it elicited both fear and yearning at the same time.

Since that day, I have had several (of what I call) peak experiences. They are moments of no reference, like being on the highest peak of the mountain. You are just there, there is nothing more. The mind cannot cope with ‘no reference’ it is caught off guard, there is no explanation there is only ‘what is’ when this happens the doorway to source can open. You can experience yourself in ways free of any conditioning or dogma; for those on the path I guess it is the moment the prospector of gold finds that which she seeks.

It is the thing I believe we all most long for; yet if we were to ask the question. What do we most want? It is unlikely to yield such a response.

• Is it because we feel it is unobtainable?

• Do we feel unworthy?

• Do we fear the sacrifices that we might need to make for that to happen?

• We just have never ever believed in a source or had an experience of it?

All of the above are very human responses; yet they are not of our deepest essence.

So I urge you to ask the question: “Have you ever experienced what could be source gracing your life”. Other things will start to reveal themselves, moments of magic, unexplainable mysterious events.

Yet such moments of magical beauty are intangible, they have no clear explanation, or cannot be measured. The inability to define or describe such events with common references, allows them to fade away; packed away in our minds as a special story to share around a camp fire or only with our most trusted.

However, these are moments to cherish, they are also powerful opportunities; to build conscious awareness of source. Our deepest longing can start to become a reality. The fear of sacrifice is a real one but you discover the reality of such pursuits is a deepening of prosperity and peace. It is not so much a sacrifice but rather an awakening to something that was always calling you and now you are ready to hear.

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